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Our Aim: To provide the most useful information resource for horse owners, carers and students in Australia.

David de Fredrick is a Master of Veterinary Science and a Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of epidemiology.

With 40 years experience in rural veterinary practice and 50 years of horse ownership, he has dealt with almost all of the conditions and situations likely to affect the horse owner.

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This book is different from anything available in the following ways:

  •  Australian - it is produced entirely in Australia for Australian conditions and situations. The clinical, management and feature photos were taken all over Australia.

  •  Comprehensive - it deals with almost every disease, disorder, disaster and situation that a horse owner is likely to encounter.

  •  Broad scope - it includes many situations that are not dealt with in other books.

  •  User friendly - it is written primarily for horse owners in straightforward language, but scientific and technical terms are used for accuracy where necessary.

  •  Accurate and up-to-date - during production, the book has been reviewed by more than 20 experts in various fields to ensure completeness and accuracy. It was printed in December 2006.

  •  Photos in sequence - many clinical conditions and management situations are illustrated with two or more photos in sequence which show the progression of a case - in most clinical conditions, from first presentation to cure.

  •  Generous captions - all photos have captions that allow a reader to obtain the main benefit of the photos without having to read the whole section.

  •  Huge index - The index is in large print for easy reading. It runs to 16 pages and contains all the names of conditions and subjects that a horse owner is likely to read about or hear of. Where a subject has more than one name, the valid alternate names are also in the index. A separate scientific index enables the reader to locate living things for which only the name of the genus is known.

  •  Ongoing value - to continue to provide service to buyers, the secure website is added to and updated continually as new information becomes available. Book owners are invited to contribute to the secure website.